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One of the most insightful tools available for restaurant owners/operators seeking to improve profitability and ease of operation is our detail assessment. This is one of the more commonly contracted services that Keith Marshall Hospitality provides. This creates a roadmap that helps to pinpoint both the strengths and the opportunities of each individual operator. Each assessment is customized to fit the client and their specific needs. The assessment is administered to give both a detailed evaluation along with a twelve-month strategic plan for moving forward. While each assessment is very detailed and covers all aspects of the operations, the priorities of each client ultimately directs KMH where to focus our time. Once an assessment is completed, we offer our profit-improvement services for restaurants of any venue. Keith Marshall Hospitality's network of operators consists only of consultants/operators with 20 plus years of experience and takes pride in analyzing all areas of the business. These include: menu, marketing, demographics, execution of operations, leakage (which can also be monitored remotely by KMH going forward with one of our unique programs), lease impact, insurance cost comparisons, Credit Card processing comparisons, payroll, analysis, cost controls, purchasing, menu mix impact, POS impact, vendor evaluations, technology impact and more.

We are confident that our Restaurant Operations Assessment can help you and we’ll offer it with our Money-Back Guarantee. “When the recommendations of the Restaurant Operations Assessment are implemented, we guarantee that you will make or save at least double the cost of this service. If not, we’ll gladly refund your money."

We have conceptualized and created menus for countless concepts/brands through the years. Many factors are considered in menu development and layout including product/ item selection and placement, concept focus and consistency, pricing, sales viability, tastings and focus groups.

Keith Marshall Hospitality develops both external and 4 wall internal marketing programs for your specific needs. We customize programs to increase your brand exposure resulting in more traffic to your business.
With proven expertise in creating quantifiable results through internal and external marketing, and working with ownership and management on a S.W.O.T analysis, the KMH team will create a results-oriented marketing plan. We provide creative marketing plans utilizing both proven programs and out of the box thinking to implement traffic drivers for your operation.

Every year Judges and Juries rely on our expertise to provide unbiased opinions, reports, and testimony in both State and Federal courts. Some of our Restaurant Expert Witness Services include:

  • Document Review
  • Onsite Visit
  • Detailed Research
  • Depositions
  • Testimony
  • Court Appearances

KMH offers a wide-variety of services to those looking to start a restaurant of any kind. Our network of consultants/operators has literally opened hundreds of restaurants throughout the US and even other countries. For a proper restaurant start-up, a collaboration of ideas, disciplines, culinary knowledge, management expertise and a passion for operational excellence is required. Restaurant start-ups not considering these factors and the interactions between them could be a recipe for disaster.

Having Keith Marshall Hospitality as your guide for a restaurant start-up will help you to avoid the inherent pitfalls of developing a growing restaurant business.
Video Support: We install video cameras to capture employee and customer behaviors, restaurant operations, and help implement a plan to reduce the gaps.
Start-up Services Offered:

  • Start-up Strategy Consultation
  • Business Plans
  • Restaurant Design
  • Website Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bar Design
  • Name and Logo Design
  • Concept and Brand Development
  • Menu Development
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Manuals, Policies and Procedures
  • Operations Strategy and Systems Development
  • Marketing and Branding Strategy
  • Catering, Delivery, Drive-Thru, Day-Part, and Revenue Strategy
  • Strategic Planning, Exit Strategy, Growth Strategy, Funding Strategy
  • Site Selection and Assessment
  • Management, Staff Recruiting, Selection, and Training
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market and Competitive Analysis
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Over 20 years in the food service industry,  Keith Marshall has been a founding partner in 30 restaurants which include a 12,000 sq ft sports bar in Murrells Inlet, a 40,000 sq ft seafood buffet in Myrtle Beach, a 20,000 sq ft bar, a 9,200 sq ft upscale steakhouse and wine bar in Greenville SC, 2 gourmet food trucks, a gourmet deli, 6 full service seafood restaurants, 2 Mexican restaurants in Salt Lake City, 3 country-themed restaurants in TN & NC, a gourmet delivery pizza restaurant in Salt Lake City, a 700 sq ft gourmet taco stand and 10 fast food restaurants in Florida.

Dan Foster.

Retired President of US Foods

Keith has that rare combination of talent in that he is both a highly creative restaurateur and a solid business leader able to closely manage the bottom line. High energy, hard driving and very personable, Keith is a winner that develops winners.

Terry Garrett.

Garrett's Grog and Grill

Keith Marshall and his team changed not only our restaurant, but our lives as well. Keith gained our trust and respect by forming relationships with each manager (and quite a few employee's). He recognizes each manager's strengths and exploits those strengths. He brings about a sense of confidence, he understands different personalities, and has amazing charisma skills to combat any problem that arises. This man changed the way I feel about work... it's fun now and I am proud to know him and his team. A huge THANK YOU to Keith!"

Terri Johnson.

In multiple restaurants I have been fortunate enough to be a partner in, I consider Keith Marshall to be one of my most important business relationships. Keith has been an integral part of creating a great financial model along with elevating the guest experience. He is professional, inspiring, engaging, and has even become a mentor to my management team.
I look forward to working with Keith for years to come...

Linda Womack

Keith Marshall always surprises me with his knowledge of restaurant operations and his unbounded energy for getting work done. In my experience with Keith you get more than what you pay for. Working with him on a new restaurant concept was exciting and very informative. You can't go wrong working with Keith but you better be ready to move quickly because he certainly does.

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